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AREA DE COMBATE: Sobran las pablabras CD
Skinhead band from barcelona with 80's Oi! sound. This is their debut album, but some of their members already come from defunct Oi!/streetpunk bands such as Cirroisis. This album features 12 tracks and includes some covers from Blitz (Razors in the night) translated as "Navajas in the night", "La Realidad" from Nabat and "Aquest ets tu" from the legendary barcelona Oi! band from early 90's, Frontkick. Released on Joker Records

Price: 9,00 Euros

ZAKARRAK: The Early Years CD  
Zakarrak were one of the best 90's spanish Oi! bands, they came from the Vasque Country and had a very good feedback from national and  international zines. This CD captures their hard to find 2 demo tapes and some live tracks.  Includes cover from SYMARIP/OPPRESSED "Skinhead Girl", COCKNEY REJECTS "Bad Man", SHAM 69 "If the Kids are united" and BLITZ "Someones gonna die". Released on Bovver Lads Productions

Price: 11,99 Euros

COBRA: Oi Oi Oi CD  s
One of the best Japanese Oi! bands ever. 12 tracks including "Tokio Riot", "C'mon in Oi!", "We are the champion", etc... Getting hold of stuff from this band is really difficult. Great stuff!!!!

Price: 11,99 Euros

OI! POLLOI!: The Oi! Years CD         
This CD features their first two records on Oi! Records, "Unite & Win" LP and "Skins n Punks Vol. 2". Great songs such as "Punx n Skins", "Kill the bill", "Commies and nazis", "Never give in", etc... If you like Anarko Oi!, this is your band. Released on No Compromise

Price: 11,99 Euros

V/A: Oi! Made in Malaysia Vol. 1 CD   
Great compilation featuring some of the best Oi!/Punk bands from exotic Malaysia. ROOTS N BOOTS, ACAB, THE RUDEBOYS, SATURDAY HEROES, THE MANIACS, etc..... This proves the East End spirit is everywhere. Released on Lion's Pride Records

Price: 11,99 Euros

V/A: PUNK IBERICO: Pata Negra Vol. 1 CD
This is a release in the style of BLOODSTAINS ACROSS....LP's featuring Spanish rare and hard to find punk classics such as INTERTERROR, ESPASMODICOS, LARSEN, DESECHABLES, SINIESTRO TOTAL, GRB, KGB, ULTIMO RESORTE, etc... great cover and 36 songs of 80's spanish punk. Released on 80's Punk

Price: 11,99 Euros

SUSPENDERS: Quien siembra vientos... CD
Skinhead band from the Basque Country, also featuring a skinhead girl. This record has been repressed 2 or 3 times already and has been selling really well all over Spain and Europe. Songs such as "Skinhead", "Alex", "La Birra", "Euskal Hooligans", "Brigada Antisocial", etc...

Price: 9,00 Eur

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Frontkick (Berlin)

Jonny Gerriwelt (Basque Country)

Jonny Gerriwelt (Basque Country)

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Ultimo Asalto (Barcelona)
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